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Hello Ladies! I created the Belleci® Custom Color Anti-Aging Foundation System™ because there is a problem in the industry that I wanted to solve: skin never stays the same, and foundation does not change with you. After relentless years of partnering with chemists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and thousands of women of different ethnicities/skin tones/textures, I created a unique blend of foundation colors that resulted in the four foundation systems that exist today. Since each system can produce hundreds of foundation shades with the perfect undertone, alongside providing anti-aging and healthy ingredients, the Belleci® Custom Color Anti-Aging Foundation System will work for you; this revolutionary system works for any woman. The Belleci® Custom Color Anti-Aging Foundation System empowers all women to be in control of their beauty!

About Stephanie

Stephanie attended the Elite Cosmetics School in Hayward, CA, where she learned makeup application, color theory and marketing. She later became a beauty educator. She launched her career as a freelance makeup artist for National brands including Shiseido, Lancôme, and Orlane. Stephanie then signed on with Benefit Cosmetics working with founders Jean and Jane Ford, and became a national trainer, account representative, and artist working in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. This career path, in addition to her years at Belleci Cosmetics, has allowed Stephanie to accumulate 28 years of deep beauty business expertise.

Stephanie Belleci Manna was raised in a close-knit Italian home surrounded by grandmothers, aunts and of course, Mom. They were always cooking up something new, both in the kitchen and around the home. These strong, passionate and resourceful women helped shape her entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

Stephanie Belleci is married to Carl Manna and is the proud mother of two sons, Matthew and Andrew. She resides in Danville, CA.


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